Roommate has one of my biggest pet peeves

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone leaves the room door wide open especially when I am trying to sleep. I am a very private person and mostly keep to myself and other people looking at me tends to put me on edge, my roommate makes it a habit to leave the door open even when she’s leaving for hours at a time. I’m pretty sure she knows it bothers me because there’s been plenty of times she’s done it and I’ve closed the door while she was around. I think she might be testing me and I guess if I felt like she had a legit reason for constantly leaving it open I would try and get over my uneasiness and make a sacrifice but I don’t see any reason why she does it. She even changes with the door wide open, and with me even if the door is closed I still wrap a robe or towel around me when I change. The other day I woke up to shower while she was getting dressed and when I came back into the room I closed the door and she opened it and left (and of course she left it open). I don’t know maybe she expects me to close it for her.

Another thing with her is she is constantly staring at me and I literally feel like i’m under a microscope. She’ll sit on her bed and turn and look at me for a good 5 seconds then turn away. This doesn’t bother me as much as the door thing but its still uncomforable.


Nocturnal Roommate

I just really need to rant about this somewhere.

When filling out the form for roommate assignments, my roommate and I both put down that we were night owls. When we contacted each other she even said she usually goes to bed at around 2am. This wasn’t unreasonable to me so I was pleased. But weeks into actually living together I find that the 2am bedtime does not actually exist.

I put down “night owl”, not “nocturnal” like I think she should have. One week she did three all nighters and that was just to hang out with friends. This wouldn’t be so much of a problem since she’s usually out if she didn’t constantly come in and out of the room throughout the night. She’ll pick stuff up, drop stuff off, or do whatever she does when she’s in here before leaving again.

The problem with this is that I never knew I was a light sleeper until I moved into dorm. I can’t sleep with too much noise or light, even the really bright desk lights in our room. I’ve bought earplugs so that made one problem better (I wouldn’t go so far as say it solved it) but that still left the lights situation. I’ve told her that I can’t sleep with the light on before and she agreed to keep the lights off and go somewhere else to study. She followed through with this for a while but it’s gotten worse now. One night I woke up when she turned on the desk light and she just kept it on while she wrote in her notebook for half an hour at 4 in the morning. I found it rude and inconsiderate. When I finally asked her what time she was going to bed she replied “five minutes” almost snappily, like I was in the wrong for asking a simple question when she knows I can’t sleep with a light on.

And now as I write this she has an essay due tomorrow that she hasn’t started on yet. What is she doing right now? Watching television shows. I want to go to bed soon, but I’m afraid she’ll stick around here and keep the light on while she doesn’t do her essay and when she finally starts.

When I sleepover at a friend’s or go back home for a weekend it’s not just because I miss my parents and want to hang out with friends. Lately it’s been because I need to catch up on sleep. Ugh.

I feel you, ive totally been there



Freshman Year: Dorms. Become friends. Decide to live together next fall. Yay!

Sophomore Year: Apartment. Yay! 

Cleaning schedule: 1st semester, none. 2nd semester taking turns. Problem? She cooks. ALL the time. Each dishwasher load is more than half hers all the time. Icing, doesn’t share food. Problem? Taking turns, cool. I can do that I have siblings. I know how. Bitch leaves for five days with a sink full of dishes when it’s her turn. 

Crafting: Makes her own soap. Uses it for handsoap, laundry detergent, and bodywash. Um no. Just no. Uses plate for mix paint. Eats off it. Um No. Spills pin/needles onto the living room carpet. Laughs, and says we’ll find them eventually  FUCK NO. 

Class schedule: Stays up late every night. Cool, no problem, I do it too. Has missed half her morning classes. Missed the bus. Eh, I’ve done it, not a big deal. You could walk or ride the bike that takes up all of the closet. Oh, oh no. Wakes me up to say, “Hey I need you to drive me to class.” No please, no thank you. *cough*Bitch*cough*

Yesterday asked me to go boot shopping with her after I had classes til 2 and did homework/projects til 8 (when she got home). Told her I had to finish online homework and I just didn’t feel up to shopping. Demanded I come, saying, “We need to spend time together.” Again, told her I didn’t want to and I need to save money anyway. She storms out and comes back without saying anything. Ignores me the rest of the night and today. Gotten three words out of her until she left for the weekend. Then said, “We had such a better friendship when we were in the dorms, and we should talk when I get back and we have time.” and leaves before I can say anything. Seriously, couldn’t talk to me the hour and a half we were both home before you left? 

You haven’t been acting like a friend, and when you want me to, and I don’t, you get mad? I know I’m not perfect, but don’t fucking pretend you’re blameless. 


Roommate problem #232

When their dog shits everywhere they refuse to clean it up or train it and they want to get another dog


Roommate Problem #231

Your roommate is coughing for two weeks straight and not only sounds like a 65 year old man who smokes 2 packs a day, but keeps you up all night. She decides not to go to the doctor and lets her illness spread. Then two weeks later you start feeling sick with strep throat and look on your Facebook status feed and see that she had to tell the world that she just got diagnosed with strep! Yay! But “its ok because she just started taking antibiotics and isn’t contageous anymore”…Too late..



I’m trying to deal with her weirdness. she’s the ultimate nerd and can’t find anything else to converse about than movies, politics, and architecture. She talks 98 percent of the time we are in proximity of each other. I need peace and quiet every once in a while. She purposely tries to annoy me! she will talk throughout the whole movie. SHe showers like twice a week and you can smell it. Also i find it gross how lazy she is! 


My roommate is a little lost 4-yr-old

Where to start? Last night he wore a jacket to bed and overheated, then instead of taking off the jacket he turned the AC on. This morning, I woke up and it was 45 degrees…. He plays Xbox (not his) for hours. We told him “no Xbox until your room is clean” because he hasn’t cleaned his room for a month, so he stopped playing Xbox. He did his laundry finally - except he started at midnight, took an hour to sort his laundry while I was trying to sleep, took 4 hours to do three loads (he didn’t know you could do multiple loads at the same time?) then came back and put it away for two hours while singing to himself…I went to sleep finally at 6 and got up for class at 7. The dishes never get done, the bathroom is gross because of him (he bought a toilet brush, used it once, then threw it away!) and he just has no idea of social norms whatsoever….sigh. I’m trying to teach him, but it’s hard.


Sounds likt a funny story…My roommate and I actually friends, but we made a joke to submit this roommate problem :)

When your roommate shoes smell terrible and she decides to steam them in order to make them smell better, causing them to actually smell worse. She then puts Hollister perfume in the steamer and tries that, making her steamer go insane. It starts spraying watered down Hollister perfume all over the place. Now.. it smells like watered-down, Hollister perfume and revolting, sweaty feet. My life ha


Roommate Problem #230

When your roommate confiscates, tapes and marks with sharpie your wine bottles.

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